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K Motionz
DJ & Producer

K Motionz is one of the most versatile up and coming Jump Up producers with sounds so heavy they’re breaking the scene in half. Starting production and DJ’ing at the age of 11, he isn’t new to the scene, yet his recent evolution of sound and style has caused an eruption of his name in everybody’s mouths.

His widely anticipated debut album ‘The Evolution’ is a reflection of his development and growth as an artist in recent times and how he is ever changing and improving. Nobody can stop K Motionz on his path to dominate the Jump up scene with heavy rollers and dancefloor destroyers. He is certainly one to look out for.

DJ & Producer

Supported by some of the biggest and most influential names in Drum & Bass, the young Londoner known as Kanine is living up to his potential and developing into a headline act with a long career ahead of him.

Originally recognised as one of the leading names in the new wave of Jump Up producers that have helped force the sound into the mainstream, his sound is evolving all the time as he moves towards being one of the more versatile artists in the 175 BPM range.

DJ & Producer

Subsonic began producing at the young age of 12. What started out as a bit of fun soon turned into a passion that would see him spend countless hours sat on many different DAW’s trying to learn anything he could about making music, no matter what genre. Further down the line, he started taking producing more seriously and aspired to continue to grow and make his mark.

For a few years he was mainly producing Dubstep and House music until he was about 16 when he found a love for Drum & Bass. From then on he started producing Jump Up, working on perfecting his craft and finding a distinctive style of his own. In 2017, he started to gain traction in the scene and decided to take up the craft of DJ’ing as booking enquiries started to pop up.

Now with tracks like ‘Gangster’ and ‘Messiah w/Tsuki’ he is rapidly gaining traction in the Jump Up scene and starting to find that style he has been working towards. In 2018, who knows what’s in store for the young talent.

DJ & Producer

Radio support right across the world from pirate radio to internet stations and legal stations which include BBC RADIO 1, BBC RADIO 1XTRA, KISS FM, KOOL FM, ROUGH TEMPO gaining dj support from the scenes most influential figures!

16 years experience in the scene and currently bringing filthy dnb across the uk and Europe with his trademark beats and Madman Mask as part of ‘Up&@Em’ alongside longtime friend ‘Mc Decoy’ working with such labels as‘Down2Earth Musik’ & ‘D-Stortion Records’

With bookings across the country and world wide at such events as Desire, Breakin Science, Innovation, Random Concept, One nation, Invaderz, Gun Audio, Next Hype as well as independent club nights Complex knows his was around a dance!!

Complex’s current release’s includes labels such as D-Stortion, Down2Earth Musik, Good4Nothing Records, Dynamic Audio, Subway Soundz, G13 Records among many more!